This week I’m trying simle improvisation following instructions of Youtube video, it’s really interesting because unlike normal composing, I don’t have to care about writing scores, all it focuses on is the moment. The idea of living in this moment sounds like Zen, and I really want to develop that lifestyle.

At first two days, I tried to focus on the melody part, it’s hard at first, because I’m always trying to make the melody sadder and sadder, considering my loneliness recently.

Then the third day, after watching Youtube video, I started to work on chords. Like go from the I chord, and goes to V chord, like leaving home, and finally came back to the I chord. Then my improvisation style turned into Cannon style, with few varations.

The forth day, I watched more Youtube videos, then I knew the circle of fifth, using it to build passages and repeat themes. It’s quite cool, because it’s a good way for repetition. And actually I can remember many classical music uses circle of fifth, and produces quite beautiful sound.

Finally the fifth and sixth day, I wanted more and more Youtube videos, and know how to implement modulation to make the piece more interesting. I was trying to think about how I’m going to develop this piece, what is the thing that really want to get accossed to.

And one interesting thing I found is that, I’m the superuser of the music I’m improvising, there are certain rules to follow, following these rules, and see what interesting stuffs we can make, the infinate possibility really fasinates me a lot.

Another thing I find is about creativity. When I’m improvising, I only focused on this moment, excluding stuffs realted with chords, most of it does not need much problem-sloving. But when I’m faced with a programming problem, I’m actually seeking the results, I don’t care too much about the process, I’m too eager to get the problem done, which always lead to anxity when facing uncertainty. I really want to change my way of programming, but I’m still not sure how to find out a way of my own.